“Good art should move, ignite, inspire, excite feelings good and bad. It should challenge one to ask questions and ways of thinking. It might provide answers too.”


Change and simplifying seems in order: letting go and pursuing a condensed process. Freedom is sought with this current work. I recall some important lessons. One from a Japanese artist who said, “Go with 15% of an idea.” (Anything, in other words.) Another from my sixth grade teacher who drew a scribble and one was expected to do something with it. Another from a neighbor in childhood who had a picture of Jesus over the mantle. It was actually a photo in the snow that resembled a familiar image. I could not see it until much later, I did.

This new direction, specifically the visual structure, in my work has a continuity from previous paintings; some evolving of shapes, colors, line. I love line, color, texture, movement and contrast. I love to create depth. Certain similarities to color, line, texture and movement embellish the continuity of the work. In previous pieces I was rendering a scene or mirroring something. With the new work there is nothing to mirror.

It isn’t what’s there or telling a story, rather, it’s who I was and who I am. The unknown and experimental seem key to vigor.


Cynthia Erdahl, Richmond, VA
804-355-6677, cerdahl@live.com